Psychiatrist Resources

Evidence-based Resources from the APA Committee on The Psychiatric Dimensions of Disaster

For Responders

Helping Students After Disaster

Leadership Stress Management After Disaster

Leadership In the Wake of Tragedy

Psychological Well-Being of Caregivers

Helping Communities and Families Recover After Disaster

Leadership Communication – Responding to Stressful Events

Disaster Related Death

Addressing Needs of Mentally Ill

Mass Death Exposure for Healthcare Providers

Mass Death Exposure Emotional Reactions For Relief Workers

Tips for Supervisors of Responders

For First Responders

Guide To Managing Stress in First Responders

Supporting the Well-Being of Disaster Victims

Providing Safety and Hope to Recovering Victims

Managing Stress After Disaster

Leadership in the Wake of Tragedy

Funerals and Memories Part of Recovery

Communications: Anticipating and Responding to Stressful Events

Complimentary Risk Management Resource 

Resources For Children:

Helping School-Age Children with Traumatic Grief: Tips for Caregivers

Childhood Traumatic Grief Educational Materials

Managing the Stress of Children After a Disaster

Helping Teens with Traumatic Grief: Tips for Caregivers

Helping Youth After Community Violence

Tips for Survivors of a Disaster or Other Traumatic Event

Parent Guidelines for Helping Youth after Mass Violence

Tips for Talking With and Helping Children and Youth Cope After a Disaster or Traumatic Event

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

A Story of Remembering

Talking To Children About Mass Violence

Teacher Guidelines for Helping Students after Mass Violence