SCPA Advertising Rates

Classified AdvertisingUp to 60 words:
$100 for 30- day posting (members)
$175 for 60-day posting(members)
$150 for 30-day posting (nonmembers)
$275 for 60-day posting (nonmembers)
$50 (additional to above prices) SCPA to email notice of new job ad to all constituents.
Display AdsPlace your clickable display ad on the SCPA homepage. Ads must be 275 pixels wide x 50 pixels high and in either JPEG or GIF format.
1 month- $200
3 months- $350
6 months- $700
12 months- $1000
Classified Ads
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Display Ads
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SCPA Email Notice Of Job Ad – $50.00

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