In-Flight Medical Emergencies – A Review

Is There A Doctor on Board? In-flight Medical Emergencies

SAMHSA Distress Hotline info (link below) – they offer crisis counseling and assistance with referral to crisis centers. They also have resources and info for providers. SAMHSA folks are generally pretty savvy about and focused on PFA, cultural competency, empowering the community members.
The SAMHSA disaster app also has resources that can all be downloaded to your smartphone and remain usable even if cellular service is disrupted, provided you have the ability to charge the phone. The info in it reasonable and organized by topic. It talks about “deployers” which seem like its only for people in austere locations, but can be helpful to anyone that is trying to address a broad range of issues in the early timeframe, along with preparedness measures. I haven’t read through all of it so cannot endorse from stem to stern, but this, along with the hotline would be ways of pushing out info and resources to a broad range of healthcare providers and community members.

In the Wake of the Upcoming Hurricane Florence. Here’s a good Resource for Hurricane Disaster Management

SC Department of Mental Health expands Telemedicine program

 Resources For the Public

Resources For Psychiatrists and Responders