Brave of Heart Grant – Healthcare Worker Emotional Well-being Fund

Brave of Heart Grant – Healthcare Worker Emotional Well-being Fund

Grant Awarded: Jan. 2022
Grant Timeframe: Jan. 2022-Dec. 2023
Leadership Commitment: Mental Health of Frontline Healthcare Workers

The following strategies will be implemented to address the evolving crisis in the mental health and wellbeing of frontline healthcare workers:

1. Convening experts for roundtable discussions on key topics: APAF and the Center will leverage their
extensive network of experts to convene small groups of leaders from diverse healthcare systems to
discuss the impact of the pandemic on the healthcare workforce, including burnout, excessive stress,
trauma, depression, anxiety, suicide, and substance use. Representation will include leaders from
urban, rural and frontier health systems to address:
• Raising awareness about the growing mental health crisis;
• Creating psychological safety so healthcare workers access mental health care; and
• Highlighting best practices in improving access to care for providers.

2. Leveraging the power of storytelling: Through the initiative, APAF and the Center will produce three
(3) video clips representing interviews with healthcare organization leaders on how their institutions
have effectively addressed the mental health and well-being of frontline healthcare workers.

3. Developing high impact resources on implementing effective practices: The Center will develop a high
impact, action-focused guide that identifies proven strategies to address frontline healthcare worker
mental health and well-being. The guide will outline:
• The scope of the issue;
• Barriers to providers accessing mental health care;
• Case studies highlighting effective strategies to improving access to care; and
• Steps to implement to improve the mental health and well-being of frontline healthcare

4. Engaging national partners on dissemination: APAF and the Center will engage strategic national
partners for broad dissemination of the project assets through their networks and communication
channels. Strategic partners include organizations representing hospitals, physicians, nurses, and other
healthcare providers. Marketing and dissemination of resources will be done through multiple
channels, including a minimum of 2 virtual town halls, a targeted social media campaign, and a newly
dedicated web-section to house the assets created for this project.

To learn more about this initiative, please contact:
Emma Jellen, Associate Director, APAF Center for Workplace Mental Health at